Caleb Noah


Palm Sunday 

Palm Sunday was one of the best worst days of my life. Why? I’ll start with the good. My sister Crystal’s second son Caleb was christened. She asked me to be his godmother a few weeks ago during Christian’s going away party. After three NO’s, I finally said ok. She used the well, since you were there for Caleb’s birth, yada yada. Haha I guess it made sense. It was a beautiful Christening, thank you Crystal & Corey for choosing me as his GOD-mother. And, I take on the responsibilities of being a spiritual influence in his life. However, he will still be just treated like the rest, no special treatment. Smile

O yeah, two weeks ago she randomly told us the date of the christening over breakfast. “Caleb, will be christened on March 20th, Palm Sunday.” Well, thanks let me check my schedule because of course we aren’t busy. Ohh

Sunday morning when I woke up, I did not feel good at all. My head was pounding, I was nauseous, fatigued, tired, light-headed and in pain. While, getting dressed for church, I had to stop several times to gather myself. Last week was strenuous, my white blood counts were low, so I had to take two injections Tuesday and Wednesday to bring them back up. My body took a beating, my muscles and bones were hurting, I was pulling muscles just by getting out of car. I was too exhausted to walk up and down the stairs in my house. I believe Sunday was the climax of all those things. But, God! He was there when I called, I asked Him for strength and He gave me enough to make it through the service.

It’s interesting how life works, foreshadowing and irony to be exact. On December 28, 2014, Crystal’s first son,¬†Corey Jr.was christened. My mother at the time was very sick, but she too made it to church, not the christening because we were late as usual. After, the service, we all went back to Crystal & Corey’s house to celebrate because my mom wasn’t feeling well she stayed upstairs in Crystal’s bed. Hmm, same thing happened Sunday, I too, was upstairs in Crystal’s bed(a king size bed so comfortable when I woke up everyone was gone). It’s very eerie sometimes experiencing some of the same things my mother went through. But, her presence is always felt when I need it the most.

There is nothing too hard for God. And I am reminded of that during this week leading into Resurrection Sunday.

Your problems can never exhaust God’s provisions.