I’m FINISHED!!! No more!!

Philippians 4:13 KJV “I can do all things through Christ which strengtheneth me.”

God, you are wonderful, magnificent, a way maker, a healer, you are Alpha and Omega, you are an omnipresent GOD!! For that I will always say THANK YOU, I am beyond grateful for life, for healing, for recovery, for prayer, for strength, for faith, for love, for support, for relationship, for friendship, for love, for pain, for hurt, for weakness, for anger, for family, for friends, for self-love, for patience, for peace, and for YOU! Every day, you showed me how and why YOUR WORD IS TRUTH! That we all go through trials and tribulations, tests on a daily, and challenges unimaginable along with happiness, joy, etc. because that is life, but with you nothing is impossible. And even though the last three years of my life have been difficult, I was reminded daily of why You chose me. And staying obedient, having faith, and trusting you, in the end the result would be victory.

With that said,  January 9, 2018 was my last day of treatment. There are no words or emotions to express how I feel even, three days later writing this. It’s starting to sink in. Regardless of the delays, detours, obstacles, & setbacks, it is evident that I control nothing. My time is irrevelant because t is never on my time but in His timing. And His timing is always best. This journey was needed because of my spiritual growth, emotional growth, and self-growth.


Feb 2016, my first treatment ever.


Bear with me as I reminisce because I’m getting goosebumps just thinking about it.

After two biopsies, two bone marrow biopsies, 7 Petscans, 6 months of ABVD chemotherapy (3 hours each time every 2 weeks), 3 rounds of ICE chemotherapy (4 days straight with an overnight stay), 1 day of stem cells collection (2million), 7 days of extensive chemotherapy(All day), Stem cell transplant(my 2nd birthday), 25 day hospital stay, 2 1/2 months of isolation, one year of Actrecis (30 mins plus every 3 weeks), and over 60 doctor appointments, I AM FINISHED, DONE, COMPLETED, BUT MOST IMPORTANTLY I’M ALIVE AND CANCER FREE!!! 


Jan 9, 2018 Last Treatment



My God is tooooooo DOPE!!!! And I’m Beyond Blessed to LIVEEEEE life after cancer. Once again, I want to thank my family, friends, BGT Family( 6am Prayer for always praying, encouraging me), Rider Family, Baruch/Molloy former players & coaches turned sisters, supporters, readers of my blog for always supporting, praying, encouraging, sending love, you will never know how much it has meant to me. We all go through things in life, most of the times not just for us but for others, never be afraid to walk in your truth, you never know who is watching. Don’t let your circumstance(s) define you. I’m determine I can.

















FAITH.STRENGTH.PRESERVANCE ~Thank you Mommy for being my angel.