God is soooo Good!!

11/14/16 On my way to the hospital

Last year on November 14, 2016, I entered North Shore Manhasset Hospital in Long Island to start high-dose chemotherapy for 7 days, 2 days of rest and then, my stem cell transplant (2nd birthday). It was a nerve-wracking day because I literally had no expectations of what was in store for me or even returning home. I gave my brother Jaylen, final instructions because he was my health proxy. Sadly, 2 hours into my treatment my Aunt Pam passed away after her battle against Ovarian cancer. Extremely sad & heart-broken knowing I would not be able to attend her home going services. However, I was at peace knowing my last visit her a few days before she passed that we hugged and embraced for the last time. She told me to keep my faith and continue to fight. It’s been a year, you are missed and continue to watch over us.

Fast forward to a year later November 14, 2017, I took my one year Pet Scan. 

One year PET Scan 11/14/17

Results are in:

 My doctor called me to tell me the great news. She is extremely pleased with my scan. My PET Scan shows NO signs of cancer. One year later, I just thank you God. Words cannot express how I feel. I’m soooo in awe of who God is. Jesus, JEsus, Jesus, this has been a longggg two years. My faith has never wavered, even when I continued to get bad news. My lows outweighed my highs at times, but holding on to God’s promise is a reminder of how powerful and mighty He is. He is Alpha & Omega, He is the doctor of all doctors. Jesus, Jesus. Mommy, thankkkk you for being my guardian angel showing up when, I needed you. You have showed me the way, I will continue to speak Life and not Death.  

When, God gives you a testimony you MUST share because it gives hope to those battling their own struggles. Look at God!!!!!!! Ayeeee I feel like Harlem shaking, running around the neighborhood (umm, out of shape), running a suicide (not really), but I am too hyped.
Thank you to everyone who has prayed for/with me, my Dad, my siblings, my bFFs, my family, my framily, & friends, my Bethel Gospel Tabernacle Family (Thank you praying consistently, I really appreciate each & every one of you. Next week, I will be celebrating my 2nd birthday. So, stay tuned I will post again, I just had to share the great news.

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