God and Google! (Laughing as I write!)

Listen, God is creative when He wants to show you something. For me, God loves to use one of my favorite apps on my phone Googlphotos. Especially, the ‘On this day’ feature which publishes photos you took on the date. Well, the November 12th photos for the last two years compelled me to write a blog. 


Hebrews 13:8 reads “Jesus Christ is the same yesterday and today and forever.

Getting choked up looking at the 2015 and 2016 photos because for the past two years I’ve experienced every emotion possible internally. There have been many sleepless nights, ongoing debates with myself, cries to God, self-doubts, self-affirmation talks, pity parties, toughness talks, prayers to God, self-therapy, and guilt. You are alone in journey, it’s just you and God, you can have all the support in the world but in actuality “you” have to fight your own battle, both internally and externally. For me, God gave me reasons to push through it all, without my relationship, faith, and trust in God I would not be here in 2017.

2015, the very beginning of my journey, just a few days removed from my initial doctor’s appointment for the lump on the left side of my neck. I laugh in amazement at my 2016 photo, just wowww!! Photos are so instrumental as it allows you to reminisce..whewww! What do I remember? It was a Saturday, all of my family was out celebrating Ava’s birthday, I just finished writing my last notes to my family, leaving them instructions just in case I didn’t return home, and then getting dressed to head to the cancer center to receive my last injection for my mouth to prep me for my high dose chemo and stem cell transplant before Monday. I remember I took the picture with my crooked smile because my mouth was swollen and being disgusted looking at the left side of my collarbone. Welpppp!!! And that’s what led me to my praise session this morning. Just when you think you are not strong enough, have no expectations, and become emotionally overwhelmed God gives you reasons to trust & believe in Him through your darkest times. I’ve been singing Koryn Hawthorne’s ‘Reasons’. “I got a reason to smile, I got a reason to raise my hands, I got a reason to Live, I got a reason to do my dance.”

No matter what we go through in life whether great, good, or bad, keep your faith and trust in God because He gives us reasons daily to show us that He is the same God from yesterday, today, and forever. Thank God that He uses Google to chronicle how far He’s brought me.

The next week or so, I will be publishing more blogs as my second birthday is rapidly approaching.













I got a reason to smile
I got a reason to raise my hands
I got a reason to Live
I got a reason to do my dance

I like to do it like this
Like this
Like this

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