Time eases everything..

April 7, 2015 @ 9:23 am I posted on Facebook :

Faith without works is dead.. Our motto for the day. My mom words “In Jesus’ name, We have the Victory, Cancer Free & Jesus is a Sovereign God!” She’s claiming it!

I remember you said that over & over, you turned to me and told me to say it loud, I did. You cautioned me to never forget it. Just looking at those words now gives me chills. “We have the victory, Cancer Free & Jesus is a Sovereign God!”  Two years later, 4 months in remission,  I feel the power and significance of saying it out. Yes, Mommy I will continue to say it loud and with you “We have the victory, Cancer Free & Jesus is a Sovereign God!”  Claim victory and God definitely wanted to me to hear those words and believe in them. Ma, Thank you again for your journey, perseverance, strength, faith, and relationship with God because without me witnessing it first hand, I could’ve crumbled every time I had a setback but I did not. You told me and showed me how to always believe and trust God, pray and keep my faith through it all.  And Thank you for showing your face to me when I was having a terrible day in the hospital, you reminded me that this is not my battle but the Lord’s.  Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! There are not enough thank you’s, I will love you forever Mommy.

13166012_10100551395261514_6963311652367011292_n                                   Thanks for listening to me whenever I speak to you.

Ma, you are truly missed without a doubt. Because of you, our family is what it is today. April 8th will never be the same but, as a family we have peace knowing He called you home.  Please continue to watch over us.