Come back next week..

“Faith is a gift from God. It is action oriented, where salvation can only come through belief and acceptance of God’s son Jesus Christ. We as Christians draw strength from Him and are called to walk according to His will.”


Last Thursday, I went in for my third ICE treatment which is in preparation to collect my stem cells. Welllllllppp….. I was sent home because my platelets were low. They were 21, normal range is 50-70. So, receiving treatment would be dangerous because I could internally bleed, damage organs etc. So, my nurse told me to come back Monday because my body needed rest to recover on its own. Fast forward to yesterday, I walked into treatment confidently with my 72-10’s Jordans on (hahaha for a winner’s mentality), took my blood tests, said hey to everybody, grabbed some Frooties candy from the check in desk (y’all remember those, filled my pocket up), and waited for my nurse. I was relaxing in my recliner listening to music for about 20 mins when she tapped me on my shoulder and said “Come back next week Monday, your platelets are a 36. I’m sorry Janele.”  I laughed and picked up my stuff headed to the receptionists desk (my friends, we’re on first name basis lol), we joked about my counts rising and scheduled an appointment for next Monday.

Is it frustrating? Yes. Is it difficult? Yes. But, what can you do. Yeah, the setbacks push everything back however, I look at it as God saving me from something and fully preparing me mentally, emotionally, physically and spiritually. And I rather His protection than a complication. Patience is a virtue, so, if my body says rest then, I would kindly find a seat. Thank you!


So many times,  I get asked how are you so strong or how are you able to get through this? Well, my faith in God is what drives me or sustains me enough to battle and fight. In our darkest hours, faith is given to us by God as we glorify Him through our trials and tribulations. And being able to accept God’s plan might be the most difficult thing to do. Because we are humans we always have questions, (but why, why me, why this had to happen, but how?) which are normal, but acceptance is key in our journey of having faith and trust in God’s plan. There is no timetable to acceptance don’t feel pressured. And His plan is not always our plan, so trusting even when you can’t see His end product relies on our faith in Him.

God has a plan…so, Monday it is!

“And my God will meet all your needs according to the riches of his glory in Jesus Christ.” Philippians 4:19